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Getting Ahead is a 14 week class using curriculum written by Phillip DeVol. It is designed to teach individuals who are experiencing poverty how to create a path toward a more stable, secure future for themselves and their families. The Spring semester is January to May, Summer semester is June to September, and the Fall semester is August to December. Meals and educational childcare are provided.

During the weekly classes, participants will investigate how they can create their own plan, explore available resources, build healthy relationships with others, begin writing their own future stories, and examine how they can change the legacy they leave to their families and community.

After completing the class, there is a graduation ceremony. Upon graduating, they will be able to understand generational poverty, identify what is keeping them from getting ahead, learn how to transition to self-sufficiency, examine their lives and available resources, create a plan for a better future, and utilize social resources that are available.

Getting Ahead classes are held in various locations throughout the year. Information meetings for potential participants are held on the second Thursday of each month from 10am-11am at CCMC (133 Arbor Street in Hot Springs). For more information, please contact the Getting Ahead coordinator by calling 501-318-1153 or email

To Enroll in a Class

1.      Download an application or you may pick one up at CCMC (133 Arbor Street in Hot Springs)

2.      Call CCMC and schedule an interview with our Getting Ahead coordinator (501-318-1153)

3.      Commit to attend 14 weeks of classes