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CCMC Focuses on Three Areas of Human Need

(1) Poverty Reduction; (2) Charitable Healthcare Services; and (3) Case Management. 

  1. Bridges Out of Poverty is the framework that informs our work to reduce generational poverty in the community, including Getting Ahead classes to help individuals transition from poverty to stability. For more information about our poverty reduction initiatives, click here.  For information about our Getting Ahead Program, click here. 
  2. Our Charitable Clinics provide medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy services to those in our community who are uninsured and under-insured. Fore more information about our Charitable Clinics or becoming a CCMC patient, click here. 
  3. Case Managers meet regularly with people who need advocacy and assistance to access needed resources and services. For more information about seeing a case manager, click here. 

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